In some computing subcultures, the term “grapes” refers to the percent sign, which R uses to name binary operators such as %*%. I like binary operators, so in my free time, I wrote an R package called grapes to make them out of arbitrary functions. As with the magrittr pipe, this could help you avoid cumbersome parentheses in your code.

grow(rbind, c, from = "base") # Use `from` to specify a package or environment to search.
bunch() # see the operators (grapes you have grown)
nrow(sleep) # 20
longer = sleep %rbind% sleep %rbind% sleep # No clumsy parentheses!
nrow(longer) # 60. Most of us would like to sleep longer.
1 %rbind% 2 %c% 3

The grapes package is on CRAN, and the tutorial vignette is posted there. Feel free to follow updates on GitHub and submit bug reports, feature requests, etc. to the issue tracker.